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With the millions of books available at online booksellers, how do you get yours to stand out from the pack? How do people even know it's any good?

In this age of social media, your book needs reviews from fellow readers in order for people to make the decision to even try it. If they don't see evidence that other people have already purchased and enjoyed your work, they are unlikely to take the risk of wasting their own time and money. Having written a great book is useless without a little marketing to let people know it's out there, and that others have read and enjoyed it.

We can give you this.


We have three separate packages available to fit your budget and your needs.

Single Review: $75*

Five Reviews: $250* A great option to get your book a little more notice with a smaller budget.

Ten Reviews: $400* At almost half the price per review of our single package, the best value available. Great for getting your book noticed!

Monthly Reviews: Our newest service! Each month you will receive new reviews on your book. Don't let your reviews get stale! Your marketing campaign shouldn't be over a month after the release of your book. Available for one, two, or three reviews per month at very affordable rates ($35, $65, $95). Must have purchased a five or ten review package prior or in conjunction with this. 

*Taxes included. Costs above do not include cost of book if you prefer us to purchase it ourselves. No additional cost if you will be supplying a copy of the book - either digital or hard copy. We accept check, money order, or PayPal.

To purchase or receive...

As mentioned, we can purchase the book ourselves, or you can send a copy you have (digital or hard copy).

In many cases, people prefer to have us buy a copy ourselves. On some sites (such as Amazon.com) this allows our reviews to be posted with the notice that the reviewer was a confirmed purchaser of the book. We do, of course, require reimbursement for the cost of the book plus shipping (if any) for each copy purchased.

Alternatively, you can send us a digital copy of the book by e-mail, or a hard copy by snail-mail. The choice is yours.


How to order

Simply send us an e-mail at orders@tcbookauthority.com letting us know:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Where you would like the review posted
  • How many reviews you will require
  • How we will get the book (our purchase or sent by you)

. We will get back to you within two business days to guide you in the next steps.